Artist Statement 

In December of 2015 my wife surprised me with a two-hour private Glass Blowing lesson. That’s where I fell in love with glass. From the moment I finished my first piece I knew that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Before I had found the world of glassblowing I spent Five years in the Marine corps as a Corporal, and then a Diesel Mechanic for a few years. That would be when my wife took me to the hot shop for the first time. After that class I told my wife I needed to go back. I spend the next several months taking class after class to learn as much as I could. I finally just asked the owner if I could come by other times and just watch so I could learn. He asked me if I would like to come in one day a week and assist with teaching classes and shop production. During that time, I tried to absorb as much knowledge as I could and I must have asked a thousand questions. I quickly was able to get a full job at the hot-shop as one of two head instructors. I spent my time between teaching and renting shop time to make different art with a goal in mind or even just playing around to see how the glass reacts and moves. I now work out of a studio in Tacoma making my own production pieces along with whatever comes to mind! My goal right now is to open my own gallery and hot-shop so I can teach my own classes. I am very close to getting my shop built.


Vase - 4x11 inch $80

Bowl 5x3 inch $40

Mermaid Vase 6x10 inch $225

Rose Bowl 5x7 inch $75

Vase Pair - 9 inch $75 - 18 inch $70 (sold separately)

Turquoise Vase 4x10 inch $75