There are many ways to support the North Beach Artist Guild and to foster art events and art education in our community:

  1. Buy Art! – We are reopening on June 17 and our online gallery is available NOW!!!
  2. Take an Art Class! – Online classes are available now on our website and hopefully we can bring back face to face classes very soon.
  3. Make a Donation! - We have a Go Fund Me campaign happening now to help us through this difficult pandemic.  We will be using Go Fund Me in the future to help out with such things as upgrading the gallery, promoting scholarships and buying supplies, but for now we just need to pay the bills until we can keep the doors open.
  4. Join our mailing list! - We send out information every month on new artists, new classes, local events, etc.
  5. Become a Member or Patron! - We have forms and information on our membership page.  Take some time and look around our website.  Send us an email, we'd love to hear from you:  Tell us what you would like to see, contact an artist, make a suggestion...  let us know you're out there!
  6. Volunteer! - We love our volunteers!  And our students!  We are truly a community-based organization and we work closely with the Coastal Interpretive Center, the Ocean Shores Community Center, and Stage West - the local theatre group.  We look forward to working with YOU!
All donations go toward scholarships, art programs, enhancing the facility and keeping the doors open.
Contributions to North Beach Artist Guild do NOT benefit individual artists directly.  

All of our artists appreciate your patronage, so don't forget to visit their artist pages!