Maple Walnut Copper Lamp $445

Randy Acker, from Olympia Washington, designs and builds for people who desire both utility and beauty in the things that are a part of their everyday lives.  Throughout his life he has been drawn to science and the natural world, and believes that the more connected we are to that world, the more we are inclined to truly value our natural heritage.  He sees wood as a perfect medium for connecting that heritage to our everyday indoor environments

He enjoys the process of discovery that is involved in working with wood, particularly in finding a piece of wood that he's drawn to, and then figuring out what it might best become to show off its most outstanding  attributes . He especially likes using wood with natural edges, unusual defects and exceptional grain to fashion artisan quality furniture that can fit with a wide range of décor.

Randy spent most of his career in state government, first working for the Washington legislature and later as an executive manager for the Department of Natural Resources. Since retiring, he enjoys the freedom to split his time between exploring the outdoors and engaging in the creativity of working with wood.

Randy’s hope is that by creating unique pieces that combine utility with artistry, he can help others bring the beauty of the natural world into their lives.

For information on any items you see here, or if you are interested in talking about a custom project, please feel free to contact Randy at


"Unexpected Gray" Mirror in Maple and Walnut 17x28 $315

"Spalted Maple and Koa Box" 3-1/2"x7" $68

"Maple in Black" Coffee Table 18x39 $1795


Serving Board in Maple, Walnut, Padauk and Sapele $110

Tiger-eye Maple and Walnut 13x19 Serving Board $80

Spalted Tiger-eye Maple Coffee Table 23x37" $490