Thank you to all who participated in Northwest Reflections.  We received over 300 entries from across the US.
Award winners will be invited to show their art at The Gallery of Ocean Shores beginning August 18, 2021.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the winning fine artwork please contact North Beach Artist Guild at

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0 Best in Show Aronson

Best in Show - Marc Aronson
18x22 Oil Paint, iridescent and metallic pigment on canvas

Juror Comment: This piece spoke directly to me, in its subtlety and use of color and light. There were many great paintings in oil, and other mediums, and also many landscapes to choose from. This piece struck me as a landscape of sorts. The horizon dividing the blues from the purples suggests a view from a wet pane of glass, or a view into a fogged landscape.

1 First Place Ge

First Place - Yijun Ge
16x11 Oil Paint
"The Enlightenment"

Juror Comment: Portraiture is so specific and personal many times… this painting magically combines portraiture with landscape in a surreal combination with clouds buttressing the figure. I appreciate the direct gaze to the viewer from the subject of the painting, and the intensity of color composition and use of light.

2 Second Place Degenfelder

Second Place - Evan Degenfelder
16x20 Oil Paint
"Backroads, Linn County Oregon"

Juror Comment: The road in this painting is composed beautifully to follow the landscape, the drainage trench, and the hills. I point out the treatment of clouds and the brush strokes evident in sky and land, as a major plus in this piece. It’s a playful piece, with a great balance of light and shadow.

3 Third Place Eshelman

Third Place - Kim Eshelman
24x18 Pastel

Juror Comment: Pastel is a difficult medium. This piece stood out among the pastel submissions, in its use of light and rendering of the landscape. The composition with the big tree changing with the seasons… you can really sense more than the visual here: temperature, smells, it is a great depiction of the subject.

Honorable Mention

HM-1 Anthony

Scott Anthony 12x16 Oil Painting
"Calm Afternoon at Mendocino Point"

Juror Comment: This fly-over view of a beautiful spot is expertly rendered. I particularly joyed over the far-off bluff in that foggy light. It captures the Mendocino coast exquisitely and the calmness of that scene as the title suggests is represented here in oils, also exquisitely.

HM-2 Cole

Bets Cole 8.5x8.5 Gouache
"Deep Woods"

Juror Comment: The abstraction in this piece is so well-balanced with choices of color and composition. The broad tree trunk grounds you in the piece and moves the eye to the corners. The paint technique and execution are lively and exciting.

HM-3 Davis

Sydney Davis 11x14 Acrylic Painting
"Clouds over Eastern Washington"

Juror Comment: The low-set horizon in the piece sits so starkly against that hot and bright sky. Although the color palette is saturated in this landscape, the movement of the paint is exciting to me, there are just hints of pink, yellow and red in the sky that make the clouds pop and reflect light.

HM-4 Emerson

Jenny Emerson 24x24 Oil Painting
"Endless Highway"

Juror Comment: Another road leading this time to an abstracted mountain range with surprising mauve hill faces. The brush strokes in the sky making up clouds and storm fronts adds to the drama of the dark shadowed landscape. Compositionally, this piece utilizes some great techniques and layering.

HM-5 Pascoe

Scott Pascoe 12x16 Soft Pastel Painting
"Premonition of a Wave"

Juror Comment: The abstract movement in this piece struck me the most, along with the palette and choice of color. What is particularly successful is the teal colors in the foreground counterbalanced with the yellows, peach and oranges in the background at the top of the piece. The action swirls around in the center offering a lot of depth in the piece.

HM-6 Pattern

Ron Pattern 14x11 Egg Tempera on Panel
"Distant Horizon"

Juror Comment: A soft painting in many respects, medium, light, composition and tone, but there is a heavier mystery here, with the wind, the wake, and the figure seen from the back with that one hand on the rail. Evocative and rich, this painting is another exquisite example of medium and composition.

HM-7 Phelps

Tami Phelps 12x12 Cold Wax Painting
"Catch and Release"

Juror Comment: This painting is composed so well, with the heavy black lines forming outlines for forms and figures that follow the color application. I appreciate the use of the wax medium, the scarring and application of the underpainting, and the brightness of that orange in the center of the piece as a focal point.

HM-8 Wells-Moran

Jolyn Wells-Moran 16x12 Oil Painting
"Mt. St. Helens"

Juror Comment: A classical landscape framing a hillside, but this one is special in that it isn’t overly rendered, and yet has such life-like energy. The sky is underpainted beautifully and looks full of light, leaving the trees and grasses to hang in space as anchor to that sky.

Participant Gallery

The participant gallery includes representative art from each entrant of the Northwest Reflections Online Art Show.  If you are interested in any of the art you see here please contact the artist directly.

Emily Weil
"Red Ladder"
Watercolor, ink 12"x 9"
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NORTHWEST REFLECTIONS was independently juried by Michael D'Alessandro.