About Lynda

Artist Statement

For twenty years I found creativity in the art of ballroom dance.  Every day was a grand new adventure in finding rhythm with a partner as I moved across the dance floor.  Elegance in the music and the connection to my partner with the space on the floor was not always an easy endeavor, but well worth the time involved to perfect the experience.

Today my creativity is expressed by interpreting the rhythm I see in nature.  How exciting it is to choreograph an expression of color, lines, spaces and the emotional connection to my viewers as I once did when I danced a rhythmic cha-cha or a smooth waltz.  Now I can feel the rhythm of the paint brush as it dances across the paper mingling with the nuances of water and pigment, or the blending of pastel to show the essence of an animal’s fur.  Strong lines that move your eyes across the paper with positive and negative shapes that define the intended statement are important to my expressions.  In dancing one usually has three minutes to connect with the audience.  In a painting I try to connect with an individual at first glance as I would in a very emotional entrance that carries the viewer through the middle to the dramatic ending.

For more information email galleryofoceanshores@gmail.com or contact Lynda directly at noltecreations@yahoo.com