Photography has been a passion of Ken’s for more than 40 years.  He still has the images he took at age 11 when he visited Colorado with his parents.

Ken and his late wife Carole spent four wonderful years in Vermont while he attended medical school.  It was there that he first felt a deep connection to the land and wanted to capture the essence of his experiences in his photography.

It was a Diane Arbus’ image titled “Twins” that triggered a spiritual connection to a photograph and changed how he valued art.  In Ken’s words “I fell deep into this image and understood what it was to truly connect.”

During a photography workshop at Canyon de Chelly, the leader asked his students to spend about twenty minutes “in the moment” before making any photographs.  It was a wonderful lesson that shows in Ken’s art.

A Washington resident since 1970, Ken has traveled throughout the country and into many areas of the world, always taking his camera.  About five years ago, Ken moved toward abstraction in both Black & White and color images.  He felt this new direction better represented what he experienced in his heart.

Joining what he calls a “Renaissance in the world of photography” Ken uses mixed-media as well as precious (or other) metal leaf to enhance his photos which he prints on vellum (transparent) paper.  Always evolving into new and different techniques, Ken feels that photography has offered him a portal into the mystery, wonder and spiritual meaning of our world, where he can truly express the emotion of place and time in the language of his work.

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Many of Ken's images are available using alternative print techniques such as metal leaf on vellum as mentioned above.  Ken is also working with an encaustic process which provides a textured surface over the photographic print.  Each encaustic print comes with a hand built wood frame.  The images below are on display and available at The Gallery of Ocean Shores.  For a downloadable pdf file that explains the encaustic process and how to care for encaustic art click here:  About Encaustic by Ken Hunt

"Wild Horses" 22x17 Encaustic Print $225

"Used Cars Idaho" 22x17 Encaustic Print $225

"Untitled" 21x15 Encaustic Print

"Santa Fe" 21x14 Encaustic Print $225

"Santa Fe Mission" 22x17 Encaustic Print $225

"Rancho de Taos" 22x17 Encaustic Print $225

"Near Hanoi Hilton" Encaustic Print $350 - SOLD - Other versions may be available

"Moon Gourd" 17x14 Encaustic Print $225

"Havana" 22x17 Encaustic Print $225

"Hanoi I" 22x15 Encaustic Print $225

"Cedar Mesa" 22x17 Encaustic Print $225