Artist Statement:

Everyone is an artist, no matter the form it may take.  Over my lifetime, I have been involved in music, theatre arts, visual arts and writing.  This has taken place through degree work, participation, teaching and self-actual application.

I taught students who became joyous at their personal discoveries of talent and on-going success that was so their own.  Time is a measure for the creativity of human beings expressed through art forms.  From human chaos and disaster, the arts arise and heal.

For me this exposure has been the stage of theatre and musical performance, the pages of books, the walls of galleries and museums, and my own classroom.  A culture/society without this exposure is doomed to the mundane of a laborious existence without exposing the recognition of all beauty.

Art is to be shared.  My own paintings have accomplished this belief by joining other artists in sharing shows and gallery space, encouraging people of all ages, and being happy to share with family and friends.

Art is a savior of mind, spirit and inner being.  Feel free to contact me at

"The Path" Oil on Board 14x13 inch framed $75

"Sunset" Oil on Board 23x11 inch framed $70

"Reaching for the Sun" Oil on Canvas 20x20 inch gallery wrap $200

"Old Wall Inspired" Mixed Media on Canvas 37x25 inch framed $300

"Memories" Mixed Media on Canvas 20x20 inch gallery wrap $200

"Enzo" Oil on Canvas 36x36 inch gallery wrap $400

"Choices" Mixed Media on Canvas 25x25 inch framed $250

"Almost There" Mixed Media on Canvas 18x18 gallery wrap $175