Siryn (b. 1982) is an artist, mother and disabled veteran residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her art focuses on flora, fauna and the human body: a union of charcoal, watercolor and 24k gold. Her work explores the relationship boundaries between life and death by honoring the beauty found in celebratory occasions and solemn affairs. This focus allows her to showcase the elation of elegance found in fine details while also focusing on the gritty reality of the everyday.

Siryn holds a BA (Evergreen State College) with a focus in fine arts within Chinese religion and folklore. The ideology of yin and yang, good and evil, or life and death found within the teachings of Buddhism permeates Siryn’s work and can be seen as dualism: unity of self and is reflected within the artworks portrayal of symbiosis between nature and mankind.

Siryn has been teaching art to adults, teens and children since 2005. Privately collected through the United States she has been exhibiting locally since 2015. She is currently creating new Resin and found earth element pieces reflecting the beauty of the rocky coastlines found along the PNW, as well as working on a mural for a local elementary leading to the launch of “Silhouette’s for Schools” (late 2022) a program designed to provide extra funds to art programs in local schools. She is also working on a Solo show entitled “Just a Phase” to exhibit in the future.

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