Studio 6 has been remodeled into a new "Learning Center" where we can all explore new mediums, enjoy face to face classes, and support online classes! We are CoVID compliant for a safe and creative environment.  In addition to our normal pottery and wheel work, Margaret Lemke is teaching oil painting and Christine Lockhart is launching fused glass capability.

Studio 6 is a great place to expand your skills and explore new art experiences. Create one of a kind abstract or representational sculptures. Explore new self-hardening clays and new color finishes. Incorporate wire or paper to freely create and express yourself.  Learn to paint with solvent free oil paints.

More classes and new mediums are being developed so stop in and check out our new look, say hi to the artists, let us know what you would like to create!  For more information on how we're changing feel free to call or email the gallery at 360-289-0734 or