I paint to enhance mindfulness and as an embrace of the richness and beauty that surrounds us.  I came to this Gallery late in life, after I retired and after I lost color vision in one of my eyes.  Now, with time to pause and enjoy the vision that remains, I have a deeper regard for color, shapes, balance; I study and paint as a form of appreciation.

In my previous life I was a university professor, a psychologist and a psychopharmacologist.  I was particularly intrigued by how the cells in our brain work and how medication impacts them.  Now I am just as impressed by the ocean and the lakes and the animals that live here.

My husband and I moved to Ocean Shores about five years ago.  In my previous lives I lived in Mexico City, Mazatlan and Seattle and Spanaway.  Once we settled in Ocean Shores I immediately started taking watercolor classes with Roy Lowry, who is a very fine teacher and whose work you can see in this gallery.  I am very grateful for his encouragement and invitation to show my work in the gallery.  I hope you enjoy my painting as much, or even more, than I do.