Patricia Jollimore   
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I’m a current resident of Ocean Shores, WA and have been since 2010.  Over the years I have shown with different
Galleries and Art  Festivals/Walks in Seattle, WA. The love of the beach and wanting my Sr. Dog, Butch, to live out his
final days running on the beach (it was his favorite place to be), is what brings me to the farthest reaches of the NW.  
Although I am not retirement age, I couldn't imagine living anywhere but next to the Ocean.

Around town, I am the CEO for North Beach Community Television, Web Master  for The Gallery Of Ocean Shores,
Committee member of the Woof A Thon (raising money for shelter animals), and professional Photographer.

Prices for my work usually range from  $4.00-$400.00, depending on the size and /or framing.  Quotes for
larger pieces.
"Mansion In The Sky"
"Time Lapse"
"Once Upon A Time"
"Mother and Child"
"Raven in the "Storm
"Swept Away"