Enamel on Copper Jewelry:


Linda’s new jewelry line incorporates the “lost art” of enameling pieces of copper and other metals.  Linda’s enamel jewelry sets have 10 coats or more of powdered glass torched onto the copper pieces.  A completed set with pendant and earrings will have many coats, creating a delightful blend of colors and making a truly one of a kind set.  Combining a variety of enameling and metalsmithing techniques with wire-wrap, Linda creates contemporary new designs.  Her work has been described as whimsical and delightful.  Linda works with clients to create unique and personalized wearable artwork.


Artist Statement:

I have been a wire artist for many years and learned many different techniques.  Throughout the years I've worked hard to perfect my skills and develop a unique vision for my art. 

Wire wrap art is a foundation to not only many types of jewelry, but it can be used around the house and yard.  I have made hummingbird swings out of copper tubing from refrigerators!  My biggest piece I consider to be "house jewelry."




Having bought a pitted old brass chandelier, taking off the 1000+ cut glass crystal pieces, I rewired each & every crystal.  Spray painting the old fixture black, and of course having it rewired for electrical safety.



My work is available at The Gallery of Ocean Shores, but I'm most excited for the opportunity to teach others through wire art and jewelry classes held at the guild.  Wire wrap art can be easily adapted to many types of jewelry.  Helping people to learn basic skills and then move forward into finding their own "inner creative eye" feeds my passion.  People learn by doing and I enjoy advising others and passing along creative techniques.

I fall in love with it more each day and with every new technique I learn.  Stop in and see what's available for you!  I look forward to teaching you the gift of your hands, and development of your inner creative eye.  I'll share the passion, heart and soul that I put into my pieces, and help you find the inspiration to create your very own designs.  ~~~~Linda