An award-winning photographer, Don West has had a passion for photography since he was a young boy when his parents bought him a black & white manual Polaroid land camera.  Don resides in the Pacific Northwest where he has been observing and photographing wildlife and nature for 30 years.  His appreciation for the outdoors, love of nature and artistic eye has resulted in photographs that capture the beauty of the world around us. Don is now working entirely in digital capture using Nikon equipment.

Mt_Shuksan_2_geese_LS_-_03-251x357 White_Emporer_FA_-_014-240x306 Sekiu_Eagle_EGL_-_023-179x289Bull_Moose_WL_-_01-323x238 Reflection_Lake_LS_-_06-306x242 Screaming_Eagle_EGL_-_02.-176x228 Snowy_Ow_SNO_-_06-306x212 Bald_Eagles_EGL_-_01.-306x202