Lora Malakoff

201622_193081654062857_6057595_o-140x200Best known for her sculpture in Aberdeen Washington, ‘AS YOU WERE’ honoring Kurt Cobain at the memorial park by the young Street Bridge in Aberdeen, WA.,  and several pieces in the sculpture garden at Westport Winery, she is also a noted oil painter. Lora Malakoff lives on the coast of Washington State, where she paints and sculpts while raising her two sons and operating her Washington Coast Monthly newspaper, THE SENIORS SUNSET TIMES. Originally from Alaska, her paintings depict the special light and energy of the natural wonders of the great northwest rain forest and beaches as well as selective portraiture. An award wining artist, Lora only shows a couple of times a year and is represented exclusively by The Gallery of Ocean Shores & Frames N Things Gallery in Aberdeen, WA. Every year in July she also does one artist in action show at Wiitamaki Jewelers in Aberdeen. You may contact her at sunsettimes@centurytel.net .

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