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Recognizing that community life is enriched through the arts.  We are committed to the Grays Harbor arts community by connecting artists to one another as
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Together we pledge to provide exhibition and education opportunities that encourage artistic excellence while  celebrating diversity,innovation, and freedom of
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July 1st - July 31th, 2014
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ly 19th, 2014 12-4:30 P.M.
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Patricia Smith:
Patricia Smith:
North Beach Artists Guild Is Featuring Patricia Smith As Artists of the month.
By Sharon Gochoel

This Month North Beach Artists’ Guild will be honoring Patricia Smith, Photographer as Artist of the Month. Her art is on display at The Gallery of
Ocean Shores at 849 Point Brown Avenue, NW, Suites 3 & 4, Ocean Shores, WA., 98569  (360-289-0734).

Patricia Smith grew up in Kansas and used photography to capture the Great Plains and the sand hills of Central Kansas along with the
magnificent landscapes of the American West. She now lives in Ocean Shores, Washington. The constantly changing ocean, color, light and
reflections inspire her photography. In addition to seascapes, her photographic subjects include landscapes, abstracts, architecture, city scenes
and travel photography. Patricia is a passionate traveler and student of world cultures and places. She has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany,
Romania, Soviet Union and New Zealand. She has taught Political Science and International Relations in Romania and at University of
Washington. While in Eastern Europe, Patricia photographed  many magnificent buildings including Budapest’s Parliament, Moscow’s St Basil’s
Cathedral, Romania’s painted monasteries, and Germany’s Bundestag, the parliament building in Berlin, to name a few. She continues to
document the region and its transitions, including German reunification, with both her writings and camera. Patricia has recently finished her book,
“Revolution Revisited: Behind the scenes in East Germany, 1989.” The book documents the massive demonstration in East Germany in 1989 and
is based in large part on her interviews with activists just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and includes photographs of Berlin and Leipzig of that
period. The book will be published this fall and available at the Gallery of Ocean Shores.Patricia has also photographed some of the architectural
wonders of the ancient world. These include temples and tombs in Luxor, Egypt; Machu Picchu in Peru; and the Great Wall of China.

Her photographic talent turns a mere building site into a well composed work of art. Her international photography enables the viewer to visually
travel in foreign countries. Seeing Patricia’s photography is a must and many of her photographs will be on display at the Galley during July.

Check out her website at: Patriciasmithphotography.com